Feather Fern – Giant Frond

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Natural color. USA pressed. Lovely intricate leaves that can be separated for many individual tiny leaves, or used as a beautiful framed botanical for your wall or table. Medium to dark green shades. Sizes range from 1″-2″ wide at the top, tapering to 10″-12″ wide at the bottom, and approximately 14″-16″ long, including stem. Shapes, sizes, and color shades may vary.

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Feather Fern – Giant Frond

Intricate and elegant, the Feather Fern boasts lovely, detailed leaves, boasting a plethora of individual tiny leaves that can either adorn your spaces independently or conjointly as a grand, visual spectacle. Each leaf is a celebration of medium to dark green shades, echoing the tranquil and rejuvenating embrace of nature. The fronds range in size from a dainty 1-2 inches wide at the top, gracefully expanding to a majestic 10-12 inches at the bottom.

How to Use

  • Fall Leaves: As the seasons change, so can the aesthetic of your living space. Incorporate the Feather Fern’s lush, intricate leaves into fall-themed displays, blending seamlessly with autumn hues, offering a refreshing contrast and enhancing the warmth and coziness of your home.
  • Flower Assortments: The versatility of the Feather Fern reveals itself in its effortless harmony with various flower assortments. The fern’s natural, radiant green is an ideal complement to a burst of floral colors, enhancing vibrancy and life in any bouquet or centerpiece.
  • Weddings: In the world of matrimony, every detail matters. The Feather Fern is not just a plant but a statement of elegance and grace. Its sophisticated green shades and intricate leaves are an epitome of natural beauty, promising to add a unique touch of enchantment to your wedding décor, making that special day unforgettable.

Our passion at Nature’s Pressed is to bring you not just a product, but a piece of the earth, a testament of our dedication to quality, and an invitation to bask in the unrivaled beauty of nature. We harvest, with love, each piece from our gardens and mountains, and proudly ship across the US and other countries, inviting you to experience the luxurious embrace of the natural world.

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