Bridals Wreath

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Locally grown and pressed. Clusters of tiny white flowers usually in a circle with a stem and leaves. 1-1 1/2 inches. Shape, size and colors may vary. 20 Flowers.

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Bridals Wreath

Immerse in the delicate elegance with Nature’s Pressed Bridals Wreath, a celebration of tender beauty and graceful artistry. Each piece is locally grown and meticulously pressed. Adorned with clusters of tiny white flowers, arranged in a charming circle and complemented by a stem and leaves, the Bridals Wreath exudes a serene allure. Each ensemble, measuring 1-1 1/2 inches, is a blend of delicacy and grace, with 20 flowers.

How to Use

The versatile elegance of the Bridals Wreath lends itself exquisitely to a myriad of creative and decorative endeavors. Embellish your scrapbooks, greeting cards, or artwork with these tender blossoms, where each petal tells a tale of natural purity and charm. Let the Bridals Wreath be the centerpiece in home décor, adding a touch of nature’s tranquility and aesthetic harmony to every space. For wedding decorations, the ethereal white flowers weave an ambiance of romantic grace, making each moment a picturesque memory, an ode to love’s gentle embrace.

At Nature’s Pressed, we bring you the Bridals Wreath from the heart of our family-owned gardens and mountains, a gem of natural elegance ready to ship across the US and beyond.

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