Flowers w/Greenery Assorted 20 Pieces

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A wide assortment of flowers and ferns (20 flowers)

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Flowers w/Greenery Assorted 20 Pieces

Step into a world where the beauty of nature and artistic expression converge, with Nature’s Pressed Flowers w/Greenery Assorted 20 Pieces. Each pack, infused with the rich biodiversity of our gardens and mountains, offers a vibrant assortment of flowers and greenery, meticulously pressed and preserved by our family-owned establishment. Every piece is a colorful echo of nature’s serenity, capturing a moment of blooming splendor for eternity.

How to Use

  • Pressed Fall Leaves: Immerse in autumn’s enchanting embrace with the vivid hues and diverse textures encapsulated in each piece. Every leaf, a reflection of fall’s majestic transformation, adds a touch of seasonal charm to any creative endeavor or decorative display.
  • Pressed Flower Assortments: Unleash creativity with 20 distinct pieces, each offering a unique blend of color, form, and texture. From scrapbooking to botanical artwork, the assorted flowers and greenery serve as versatile elements, enhancing the aesthetic allure of every creation.
  • Pressed Flowers for Weddings: Infuse an ethereal touch to wedding decorations with the timeless elegance of Nature’s Pressed flowers. Each piece, a harmonious blend of color and form, contributes to a visual symphony of natural grace, making every moment of celebration unforgettable.

In the carefully crafted Flowers w/Greenery Assorted 20 Pieces, every flower, leaf, and blade of grass is a testament to Nature’s Pressed’s commitment to quality and the enchanting allure of the natural world. Revel in the luxury of diversity, authenticity, and artistry, available for shipping across the US and beyond.

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